New Project Layout Test

New Project Layout Test

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Project Overview

Wave Dynamics, acoustic consultants, recently collaborated with Mashup Properties Limited on an exciting venture—the proposed Live Work Development at Knockmitten House, situated on Knockmitten Lane in Dublin. This groundbreaking project involves transforming the existing three-story building into a five and seven-story structure, accommodating 28 live-work units. Currently utilized as office space, the revamped building will also feature 12 car parking spaces and 36 bicycle parking spaces.

Given its proximity to Knockmitten Lane and neighboring industrial facilities, an evaluation of the prevailing noise environment became imperative. The objective was to quantify the existing noise levels and establish the necessary acoustic measures to guarantee the future residents’ tranquility and well-being.

To accomplish this, a comprehensive baseline noise survey was meticulously conducted. This survey report encompasses essential aspects such as project criteria, findings from the baseline survey, subsequent assessment, and recommendations pertaining to:

Building Envelope Sound Insulation: A crucial consideration in creating a peaceful living and working environment is ensuring effective sound insulation through the building’s envelope. By implementing appropriate measures, we can minimize the intrusion of external noise, enabling the occupants to enjoy a serene ambiance within their live-work units.

Ventilation Requirements: In addition to sound insulation, it is imperative to address the ventilation needs of the proposed development. Effective ventilation systems can help maintain a comfortable indoor environment while reducing the impact of external noise, thus optimizing the residents’ overall well-being.

Through meticulous analysis and expertise in acoustics, Wave Dynamics aims to provide insightful recommendations that will enhance the quality of life for the future residents of this unique live-work development. By addressing building envelope sound insulation and ventilation requirements, we strive to create a harmonious environment where individuals can live, work, and thrive without compromising on tranquility and comfort.

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