The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Noise Levels in Urban Centre’s

What effect will the growth of Electric Vehicles have on noise levels in Urban Centres? Our Director Sean Rocks discusses:

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity as a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation, questions have been raised about the impact their growing numbers may have on urban noise levels. Based on existing research road traffic noise is generally considered the most annoying type of environmental noise. While it is widely accepted that EVs are quieter than internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs), their impact on urban noise levels is still a matter of ongoing research.

In general, EVs are commonly expected to contribute less to urban noise pollution than traditional ICEVs. This is because electric motors generate less noise than internal combustion engines. In fact, many EV manufacturers have designed their vehicles to be nearly silent during operation, in order to enhance the driving experience for their customers.

However, while the engine noise of EVs is quieter than traditional vehicles, EVs are not completely silent. EVs still produce some noise while in operation, including the sound of the tires on the road and the whirring of the electric motor. In addition, some researchers have raised concerns that the near-silence of EVs could create new noise-related hazards for pedestrians and cyclists, who may not hear an EV approaching and may be at greater risk of accidents as a result.

Despite these concerns, research suggests that the overall impact of EVs on urban noise levels is likely to be positive, albeit small. One study published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America found that the introduction of EVs could lead to a reduction in urban noise levels of up to 3 decibels (dB) in some areas. This may not sound like a significant reduction, but even small decreases in noise levels can have a big impact on public health and quality of life.

Despite this welcome decrease in noise levels, this will only be achievable after a large percentage of current vehicles are made up of EVs. Therefore as EV growth gradually increases, urban noise levels will slowly decrease. Due to the slow nature of the expected decrease, the change in noise levels are unlikely to be noticed over short increments.

In conclusion, the growth of electric vehicles is expected to have a minor positive impact on urban noise levels, as they are generally quieter than traditional vehicles and will eventually replace a large portion of the current fleet of ICEVs. However, the noise impact will be slow and gradual as EVs grow into a larger share of the current fleet. The health and safety aspects for pedestrians, especially those with vision and hearing difficulties may pose a new risk.


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Technical Engineer (Acoustics)- Job Advert

Wave Dynamics Acoustic Consultants ( ) are seeking a Technical Engineer to join our acoustics team. The role will be based between site and the offices (Dublin or Wexford). Wave Dynamics are a market leader in the delivery of acoustic consultancy services. We work on milestone projects in Ireland and the UK mainly focused on the built environment.


We are a dynamic and progressive acoustic consultancy and we are seeking to expand our team to assist with our current workload. This role is an opportunity for a graduate or recently qualified engineer to join a growing consultancy at its early stage. Applicants with a background and experience in construction will be considered in lieu of an engineering qualification. The role will include a training and development plan for the right candidate to enable them to grow and develop their career in acoustics.


What We Can Offer To You

This role is an opportunity to join the company at early stage which will afford you the opportunity to develop and have an influence on the direction of the business. A competitive package is on offer for the right candidate which will include:

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About the Role

  • This role is at graduate level and both external and inhouse training will be provided.
  • The role will include site testing for sound insulation, indoor ambient noise, speech intelligibility, reverberation and mechanical services noise.
  • This role will involve working on your own initiative and as part of a larger team.
  • It will include travel to and from site for the setting up noise and vibration monitoring equipment and undertaking measurements onsite.
  • Marking up drawings, reports and developing details.
  • Supporting senior consultants with calculations, modelling and reporting as required.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Full drivers licence.
  • Ability to work on your own initiative.
  • Ability to collaborate and work as part of a team.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite.

Desired Qualifications and Experience:

  • Degree in an engineering related discipline.
  • 0-3 years’ experience in acoustics.
  • Alternatively, candidates with a background in construction or engineering with 3+ years’ experience will be considered for an engineering apprenticeship program.

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Wave Dynamics was founded by James Cousins and Sean Rocks.

James is an experienced acoustic consultant with over 11 years’ experience on projects in the public and private sectors. James specialises in architectural acoustics with experience across a variety of areas including environmental noise, power generation, building acoustics and industrial noise control. James has worked on a wide spectrum of projects from across all sectors including education, healthcare, residential, commercial office. power generation, pharmaceutical, student accommodation, industrial and retail.

In addition to delivering milestone projects in the UK and Ireland he has project managed and delivered large project bundles for, PPP’s, educational, healthcare and residential sectors.

Outside of his consultancy work James works with industry and education to provide workshops, talks, lectures and works on the development of standards. James is a SITRI committee member and the current chairman.

Sean is a skilled acoustic consultant with experience on high profile projects and project bundles. Sean has developed a keen eye for architectural acoustics with experience working on industrial noise control, environmental noise and building acoustics projects. Sean has experience of project managing large-scale projects in Ireland in the residential, industrial, retail, power generation, hotel and educational sectors. Milestone projects on which Sean has worked include; HEA PPP Bundles 1 & 2, Clerys Quarter, OPW Offices Leeson Lane, LinkedIn, Department of Finance Offices, One and Two Three North to name a few.

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Wave Dynamics are a leading  provider of acoustic consultancy services. We provide specialist design, engineering and consultancy for building acoustics, planning, environmental noise, industrial noise and vibration. We work across the full spectrum of projects in the built environment, industrial and environmental sectors.

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